Community Outreach

Community Outreach

St Helena Food Pantry

For over 40 years, the St Helena Food Pantry has worked to organize, gather and distribute food to those in need in our local community. Originally operating as food distribution, moving from church to church, on a week-by-week basis. Since 2000, the operations and warehousing have been at the St Helena Seventh Day Adventist Church (SHSDA) on Main Street. Today our faith community, with the help of many volunteers, provide a wide variety of food to the numerous locals who struggle to establish a secure supply of nutritious food.

St Helena Produce Giveaway

Twice a month, a group of volunteers from the St Helena United Methodist Church (SHUMC) and the SHSDA, meet to give away fresh produce to locals in need. A moderate sized box filled with seasonal vegetables and fruits are passed to any and all that drive up to the distribution site on Main Street. Our two churches enjoy doing this godly work together.

Brenkle Court Affordable Housing

Since 2015, Our Town St Helena (OTSH) has worked to develop and complete projects based on the need of affordable housing in this expensive region. Through fundraising, grants and other revenue streams, OTSH has successfully initiated a number of housing projects, including Brenkle Court. Named for a local pastor, Brenkle court is a project for 8 families, with 8 freestanding houses, being built by the very people who they are for. Each family works many hours each week to build their homes, assisted by volunteers in construction, plumbing, electrical, roofing and finishing. SHUMC has proudly raised funds for this worthy project with one member giving of his time each week to assist in the completion of these truly hand built affordable homes.

St Helena Educational Outreach

Our faith community counts a number 0f retired teachers amongst its members. Some still serve in our local schools, by volunteering their time each week to teach students in need of reading, writing or arithmetic mentoring. The joy and and fulfillment is its own reward as an older generation helps a younger one grow and learn by offering in person help to learn and grow.

Giving and Doing

Over the last few years, as one disaster after another has impacted this community, our church has stood up and offered funds to restore and hands to assist in the repair and renewal of the valley. Fire relief, housing and food vouchers, visits, prayers, hands to help and hearts to God. All of this and more is what makes us a church that prays, acts and worships for the fuller embodiment of God’s grace, hospitality and wisdom in this time and place.


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