Louis IX's grandson was the first duke of Bourbon, whose descendants would later become Kings of France in accordance to the Salic law. They are not French citizens and have no claims d'Este, duke of Modena, Louise-lisabeth (1703-50), Mademoiselle de Montpensier ~ Luis de Guyenne 1345: Philippe (1336-75), comte de Beaumont to 1353, comte de Valois 1344, azure three fleurs-de-lys or (PA), whose posterity included Jeanne (CA). Becoming a Find a Grave member is fast, easy and FREE. You can customize the cemeteries you volunteer for by selecting or deselecting below. to the throne of France (see the relevant Marc de Bade was put in place by the Ligeois,[9] who fought under Raes van Heers,[10] but military force from Burgundy prevailed, in 1465. Home; About; Program; FAQ; Registration; Sponsorship; Contact; Home; About; Program; FAQ; Registration; Sponsorship . The sponsor of a memorial may add an additional. following arms: the comtesse d'Issoudun, Azure a pairle couped between Do not use this data until you have checked it, preferably at the source (the archives). En effet, sans l'appui et les largesses royaux, les maigres revenus de leur province n'auraient pas permis aux ducs de Bourbon d'occuper une place si importante dans les hautes sphres de la royaut. Source 1 A child of Louis de Bourbon Bishop Liege Capet and Catharina Princess of Guelders Gelderland Visualize another relationship Ancestors (and descendant) of Louis Capet, btard de Lige, King of France Show complete ancestor table Charles-Ferdinand d'Artois, duc de Berry and younger son of the future The email does not appear to be a valid email address. Once again, the purpose is heraldic, not Elected Bishop of Lige (Reichsfrst), Duc de Bouillon, Comte de Looz 21 Nov 1455, invested with the Principality of Lige 23 Oct 1473. Son appartenance la famille rgnante lui vaut d'tre premier prince du sang et de jouir du titre de Monsieur le Prince. Richard Vaughan (1970), Philip the Good, p. 123. des Sceaux (IS); Corpus des Sceaux (CS). But he was also a man of wide intellectual interests, of unconventional habits, and possessed of an uncommonly sound independence of mind. de La Motte-Valois involved in the Necklace Affair in the late 18th c. Louis XIV had 13 known illegitimate children. Philippe II d'Orlans (1486), legitimated 1463, comte de Roussillon: France a bend sinister Afin d'augmenter ses revenus, il espre annexer le duch d'Auvergne, ce qui le met en concurrence avec le duc de Berry. Son of Henri II de Bourbon (q.v. Philippe (1200-1234), comte de Clermont et de Mortain 1233: Jeanne, comtesse de Boulogne (1219-1252 s.p.) This account already exists, but the email address still needs to be confirmed. Louis Capet, btard de Lige, King of France1465-1500. By the comtesse d'Argentan: Jean-Philippe d'Orlans Family members linked to this person will appear here. Please complete the captcha to let us know you are a real person. de Grancey, Marie (1387) ~ Guy, prince of Galilea, ~ Robert de Sicile, prince This was his last campaign and victory. between six fleurs-de-lys or, and chequy or and sable. when he found her in adultery), Marguerite (1473) married to Olivier de With the marshal de Turenne, he was victorious at Freiburg, Philippsburg, Mainz, and Nrdlingen. By the 18th century, members of the Bourbon dynasty also held thrones in Spain, Naples & Sicily, and Parma. of difference (see also the page on titles and Quickly see who the memorial is for and when they lived and died and where they are buried. Louis de Bourbon (1438 - 30 August 1482 in Lige) was Prince-Bishop of Lige from 1456 until his death. Oops, some error occurred while uploading your photo(s). Louis (1493-1556), archbishop of Sens, cardinal de Bourbon: Antoinette (1494-1583) ~ Claude de Lorraine, duc de Guise, Louise (1495-1575), abbess of Fontevrault. Baron de Busset et de Puisagut, by right of his wife. [6] Marc de Bade was put in place by the Ligeois, who fought under Raes van Heers, restored the bishop, but Lige lost its sovereignty. Dreux, Prigord, Beaumont, Soissons 1404, Poitiers; purchases Blois 1950) ~ Jan prince Sapieha (b. He died on 6 January 1477. Thanks for your help! was legitimated in 1465 and married to Louis, btard de Bourbon; are known. Henri III Jules de Bourbon, prince de Cond, had a daughter Julie All illustrations from Jean-Marc Frna's Heratlas, Heraldry (N), Pierre Pradel: Catalogue des Jetons des Princes a bend sinister couped argent. LOUIS de Bourbon (1437-murdered at Werz, near Lige 30 Aug 1482, bur Lige glise Saint-Lambert). After the Peace of the Pyrenees had been signed (1659), Cond returned to Paris and, reentering the kings good graces, was received by him at Aix-en-Provence on Jan. 27, 1660. 1951), Francisco (b. La devise de l'ordre est "Esprance". Failed to report flower. Au dbut de l't, il se dcide finalement rejoindre les princes d'Orlans dans leur lutte contre Jean sans Peur, mais il meurt en chemin le 19 aot 1410, soixante-treize ans. Age 37. Louis XI had natural children, of which Jeanne (1519), dame de Mirebeau, Debourbon, Anne Bourbon, Charles /De Bourbon Comte de Roussillon Et de Ligny, J Louis Bishop Liege Bourbon, Catherine of Egmond, June 26 1500 - Toulouse, Jura, Franche-Comte, France, Louis de Bourbon Bishop Liege Capet, Catharina Princess of Guelders Gelderland, Pierre de Bourbon Capet, Pierre de Bourbon Batard de Liege, Pierre Debourbon, Jacques Debourbon, June 26 1500 - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, Pierre de Bourbon Batard de Liege, Louis de Bourbon Batard de Liege, Jacques Debourbon, Benwick, Cambridgeshire, England (United Kingdom), Pierre de Bourbon, Seigneur de l'Isle, Baron de Busset et de Puisagut, Btard De Lige King of France Louis Ix Capet, Louis Ix Capet, Btard De Lige, King of France, http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/BOURBON.htm, Birth of Louis Capet (De Bourbon), Btard De Lige, Death of Louis Capet (De Bourbon), Btard De Lige, "Louis Btard De Lige Capet", "Louis De Bourbon", "Louis Batard de Liege de Bourbon". Louis Prince-vque de Lige de Bourbon, Catharina Regent of Geldern van Egmont, Louis Prince-vque de Lige de Bourbon, Katharina Regent of Geldern van Egmont, Louis de Bourbon Bishop Liege Capet, Katharina /Van Egmont Regent of Geldern. . Isabel (b. Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Cond (1621-1686) was a French general and the most famous representative of the Cond branch of the House of Bourbon, known as "le Grand Cond." The print was created to illustrate a "History of France" published in Philadelphia 1796-97. quite interesting, as marks of illegitimacy have been quite varied and Charles (1446-1472), duc de Berry 1461-65: Jeanne (1464-1505), duchesse de Berry 1498 ~. Kendall, p. 390. Louis-Auguste (1754-93), Louis XVI, duc de Berry: Charles-Ferdinand d'Artois (1778-1820), duc de Berry: Louise-Marie-Thrse d'Artois (1819-64), Mademoiselle Gaston (1842-1922), comte d'Eu ~ Isabella de gules castles or (1247), Updates? 1667 The elder, Charlotte-Marie-Augustine (1808-86), was made comtesse Request permission to copy data or at least inform the author, chances are that the author gives permission, often the contact also leads to more exchange of data. among others. ~ Walter Kingsland, Genevive (1901-83) ~ Antoine de Chaponay-Morance (1956), Louise (1869-1952) ~ Alphonse, prince of Bavaria (1933), Marguerite (1846-93) ~ prince Ladislas Czartoryski, Franois (1818-1900), prince de Joinville, Franoise (1844-1925) ~ Robert d'Orlans, duc de Chartres, Charles-Ferdinand (1820-28), duc de Penthivre, Louis-Philippe (1845-86), prince de Cond, Louise (1812-50), Mademoiselle de Chartres ~ Lopold I, king of the Belgians, Marie (1813-39), Mademoiselle de Valois ~ Alexander, duke of Wurtemberg, Franoise (1816-18), Mademoiselle de Montpensier, Clmentine (1817-1907), Mademoiselle de Beaujolais ~ August, prince of Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Pedro de Alcantara d'Orlans-Bragana (1875-1940), prince Learn more about merges. Then, totally restored to Louis XIVs favour, Cond, with Turenne, was placed by the king in command of the army that was going to invade the United Provinces of the Netherlands (1672). 1193-1200 The eldest son of the prince de Cond took the title of duc d'Enghien. "[12], A painting entitled 'The Bishop of Liege slain by order of William de la Marck Courtenay lines). ), comte de Mortain 1408: Marie (1360-?) Death of Louis de Bourbon, prince-vque de Lige at Burial of Louis de Bourbon, prince-vque de Lige. Suivant les consignes du roi et de Bertrand Du Guesclin, de ne pas engager de bataille, mais de mener une guerre d'escarmouche, il russit prendre une trentaine de places fortes entre 1369 et 1374, dans le Limousin, en Bretagne et en Guyenne. ~ 1846 Luisa, infanta of Spain (1832-97). Il apparat mme aux yeux des "Marmousets" qui entourent et conseillent le roi comme le "prince idal" (ou "modle des princes"), serviteur de l'tat, en opposition aux seigneurs ambitieux et tapageurs que sont les ducs de Bourgogne et de Berry. Though he was without doubt, with Turenne, the greatest captain of his day, he was also a man of unrestrained temper and limitless pridein himself, his race, and his house. Duke Louis died in 1410, at the age of 72 or 73. d'Auvergne ~ Franois de La Pause, baron de la Garde, Charlotte (1520) ~ Engilbert de Cleves, comte de Nevers, Anne, dame de Cailly ~ Jean de Berry, comte de Montpensier, ~ Ludwig, and his children and entrusted them to the royal family, which treated Are you sure that you want to report this flower to administrators as offensive or abusive? The younger, Une trve signe en 1374 entre la France et l'Angleterre lui permet de vaincre des bandes de mercenaires dans son comt, puis il part en Castille combattre les Maures, mais le roi Henri II de Trastamare voulant profiter de la prsence des Croiss pour attaquer le Portugal, il refuse de continuer dans l'entreprise et revient en France. d'Anvers, Jean IV (1403-27), duc de Brabant et Limburg, etc, Philippe (1404-30), duc de of Brabant, etc, Philippe (1389-1415), comte de Nevers et de Rethel, Charles (1414-64), comte de Nevers et de Rethel, Jean (1415-91), comte de Nevers, de Rethel, d'Etampes et d'Eu, Elizabeth, comtesse de Nevers et Eu (1439-1483) ~, Charlotte (1472-1500), comtesse de Rethel ~, Marguerite (1374-1441), comtesse de Mortagne, ~, Louis II (1337-1410), duc de Bourbon 1356, comte de Forez 1371, prince [15][16] Later life, Louis sold Cond and Leuze to Marie de Montmorency. He was wounded in the famous crossing of the Rhine near Arnhem (June 12, 1672) but, nevertheless, went on to defend Alsace from invasion. Jean I had in 1548, duchesse de Chtellerault 1563-82, duchesse d'tampes The murder of Louis is depicted in the novel Quentin Durward by Sir Walter Scott, but its historical details are far from accurate. legitimization letters, Louis XVIII granted to the two young women the Please check your email and click on the link to activate your account. Year should not be greater than current year. Omissions? He also enjoyed the conversation of Bishop Bossuet, Franois Fnelon, and Nicolas Malebranche, all of whom were at Chantilly. Longuevic and mother of Jacqueline married to the duc de Montpensier; Madeleine, or don't show this againI am good at figuring things out. His deathbed conversion is not entirely convincing, for it came at the end of a life without religion. 1603, duc de, Gabrielle-Anglique de Bourbon (1603-27), Mademoiselle de Verneuil, of Constantinople, illegitimate lineage of the marquis of Cortez: quarterly Navarre information on bastard and illegitimate lines is (1590): Marguerite, Madeleine, Catherine (died young). Geni requires JavaScript! A cultivated man, according to Mlle de Scudry, who depicted him in her novel Artamne, ou le Grand Cyrus (164953), he was also a patron of the arts. to 1404, duc de Nemours 1404: Blanche (1391-1441), queen of Navarre 1425, Blanche (1464 s.p.) Antoine (1824-90), duc de Montpensier Learn about how to make the most of a memorial. Louis de Bourbon (1438 - 30 August 1482 in Lige) was Prince-Bishop of Lige from 1456 until his death. En effet, l'arrive au pouvoir de Jean sans Peur en 1409 met un terme son influence sur le gouvernement royal. He died on 26 June 1500, in Toulouse-le-Chteau, Jura, Franche-Comt, France, at the age of 35. It has been said that he married, in secret in 1464, Catherine, daughter of Arnold, Duke of Gelderland. ~ Philippe II d'Orlans. Are you sure that you want to delete this memorial? 1608, comte de Moret, By Charlotte des Essarts (c.1580-1651), comtesse de Romorantin, Jeanne-Baptiste de Bourbon (1608-70),leg. Close this window, and upload the photo(s) again. house of Bourbon, Spanish Borbn, Italian Borbone, one of the most important ruling houses of Europe. et Princesses de la Maison de France Paris 1936 (CJ); Inventaire provided by Bozzolo: La Cour Amoureuse, Lopard d'Or, 1992 Louis de Bourbon (1438 30 August 1482 in Lige) was Prince-Bishop of Lige from 1456 until his death. The duc dEnghien won his first great victory over the Spaniards as head of the royal army at Rocroi (May 19, 1643). on a bend sinister azure a semy-de-lys or and a fillet in bend sinister https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/222896853/louis-de_bourbon. Brother of Pierre de Bourbon, Seigneur de l'Isle, Baron de Busset et de Puisagut and Jacques de Bourbon btard de Lige, Source - http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/BOURBON.htm. de Bourbon (1504), bishop of Clermont and Suzanne, both bearing: Argent VI, legitimated 1428; the issuing line of Belleville became extinct in Aprs la mort de Charles V, Bourbon fait partie du conseil de rgence de Charles VI. He lived in Brussels from 1445 at the court of his uncle Philippe "le Bon" Duc de Bourgogne. Portraits and busts of Cond suggest rapacity: wide, protruding eyes and a prominently downcurving Bourbon nose dominate a thin and bony face in which a willful mouth overshadows a receding chin. This biography of a French peer or noble is a stub. Duke Louis is reported to have been mentally somewhat instable, a trait of nervous breakdowns presumably hereditary that showed clearly for example in his sister Joanna of Bourbon, the queen, and already in their father, Duke Peter, and in their grandfather, Louis I, Duke of Bourbon. Another natural Son of Louis de Bourbon, prince-vque de Lige and Katharina van Egmont, regent van Gelre An illegitimate line from Longueville is Rothelin, which bore in the 18th Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree. [13] Lige was taken,[14] and sacked on 30 October 1468. Created Comte de Roussillon 1465, Comte de Ligny. 1576, duchesse d'Angoulme 1582, s.p. It is true that the Bishop was made prisoner by the insurgents of that city. Birth 1465 - Benwick, Cambridgeshire, England Death 26 Jun 1500 - Toulouse, Jura, Franche-Comte, France Mother Katharina van Egmont/ Regent of Geldern Father Louis de Bourbon Bishop Liege Capet Quick access Family tree New search Louis Capet, btard de Lige, King of France family tree Family tree Explore more family trees Parents He lived in Brussels from 1445 at the court of his uncle Philippe "le Bon" Duc de Bourgogne. The author of this publication would love to hear from you! Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. in spelling of names. (1931), ~ Otto Campini, Isabelle (1878-1961) ~ Jean d'Orlans, duc de Guise, Louise (1882-1958) ~ Carlos of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies (1949), Jean (1874-1940), duc de Guise 1899, head of the House 1926. Its objective was to suppress piracy based in the city of Mahdia, but the siege was unsuccessful. 1673, comte de Vexin, abbot of Saint-Denis, Louis-Stanislas (1747-68), prince de Lamballe, Louise-Adlade (1753-1821) ~ Louis-Philippe II d'Orlans, Louise-Franoise (1673-1743), Mademoiselle de Nantes, leg. of Avranches: Bourbon-Vendme a bend sinister raguly. Louis de Bourbon, comte de Soissons (1641) had a son Louis-Henri de The coats of arms come from Pre Anselme (PA), D'Hozier's Armorial General, known as 'Le Grand Cond'; most famous for his victory at Rocroi during Thirty Years' War. Jean (1381-1434), comte de Clermont 1406: Jean II (1426-88), duc de Bourbon et d'Auvergne, Charles II (1434-88), cardinal de Bourbon, duc de Bourbon 1488. Search above to list available cemeteries. Your account has been locked for 30 minutes due to too many failed sign in attempts. grand-duke of Tuscany, lisabeth (1646-96), Melle d'Alenon ~ Louis-Joseph de duc de Beaupreau 1562: Jeanne ~ Louis de Joyeuse, seigneur de Botheon, Catherine (s.p.) The princes de Cond were the heads of an important French branch of the House of Bourbon. Louis, Prince of Cond is a distant cousin of King Francis and briefly a lover of Mary Stuart, as well as an enemy of France following his coming for the crown. She died on 2 June 1567, in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom, at the age of 83, and was buried in Saint Mary Churchyard, Lambeth, London, England . Les compagnies s'y installent et rpandent la terreur, tandis que les seigneurs, loin de les combattre, les laissent faire ou mme participent leurs brigandages. on Heraldry). Franois I, had Jeanne, legitimated in 1501, married to Jean de Please reset your password. With varying fortunes he opposed the royal army for four years more but was finally defeated at the Battle of the Dunes before Dunkirk (Dunkerque) on June 14, 1658. 1913) ~ Rene de Nicolay (1910-54), Antonio (1866-1930), infant of Spain, 4th duke of Galliera 1895, Alfonso (1886-1975), Infante of Spain (except 1909-12), 5th duke of Galliera, Gerarda (b. imaginative over time (see Woodward's excellent chapter in his Treatise Jean (1403-68), comte de Dunois, companion in arms of Jeanne d'Arc, who Gaston Jean-Baptiste (1608-60), duc d'Anjou: Anne-Louise (1627-93), Mademoiselle, duchesse de Montpensier, Marguerite-Louise (1645-1721), Melle d'Orlans ~ Cosimo III, ~1325 Jeanne d'vreux (1310-71), Charles (1226-85), comte d'Anjou et du Maine 1246: France on a bordure Edit a memorial you manage or suggest changes to the memorial manager. to the Athanase-Charles, baron de Charette (the present (1996) French foreign ), Marguerite (1310-82) ~ Louis II, comte de Flandres (1384). documents). Louis II de Bourbon, 4th prince de Cond summary, https://www.britannica.com/biography/Louis-II-de-Bourbon-4e-prince-de-Conde. 1200, ~1302 Catherine de Courtenay (1274-1308), empress Son duch est de plus pris en tenaille d'un ct par les possessions du duc de Bourgogne (qui menace le Beaujolais), de l'autre par celles du duc de Berry. Biography. Father of Pierre de Bourbon, Seigneur de l'Isle, Baron de Busset et de Puisagut; Louis Capet (De Bourbon), Btard De Lige and Jacques de Bourbon btard de Lige Verify and try again. You are only allowed to leave one flower per day for any given memorial. Charles I of Bourbon (1401-4 December 1456, Chteau de Moulins) was Count of Clermont-en-Beauvaisis from 1424, and Duke of Bourbon and Auvergne from 1434 to his death, although due to the imprisonment of his father after the Battle of Agincourt, he acquired control of the duchy before this date. Charles (1446-1472), duc de Berry 1461-65: France a bordure engrailed gules , duc de Normandie 1465-66: quarterly Berry and Gules two lions passant . Philippe (1336-63), comte de Longueville: Louis (1341-72), comte de Beaumont-le-Roger: Jeanne (1312-49), queen of Navarre 1328 ~, Jeanne, comtesse de Bourgogne (1308-47) ~ (1318) Eudes IV, duc de Bourgogne Son of Pierre I, duc de Bourbon and Isabella of Valois, Duchess of Bourbon Failed to delete memorial. His father gave to the duc dEnghien, as the Great Cond was at first called, a complete and strict education: six years with the Jesuits at Bourges, as well as mathematics and horsemanship at the Royal Academy at Paris. Seigneur de l'Isle. If you notice a problem with the translation, please send a message to [emailprotected] and include a link to the page and details about the problem. 1595: Catherine-Henriette (1596-1663), leg. > Houses of Bourbon-Cond and Bourbon-Conti, Gisle (c.970-? (1761-1829), both legitimized 1815. La campagne se termine par un demi-chec, et le duc, par son attitude hautaine auprs des chevaliers, perd de sa popularit. ~, Marie (1238) ~ Philippe de Hainaut, marquis de Namur, Jean (1219-32), comte d'Anjou et du Maine. Cond, however, again tried to extract too high a price for his goodwill toward the queen regent. Save to an Ancestry Tree, a virtual cemetery, your clipboard for pasting or Print. There is a problem with your email/password. Pendant sa captivit, le duch de Bourbon est dirig par sa mre Isabelle de Valois. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. King Alfonso V of Aragon, and then in 1423 Louis III, Duc d'Anjou, then in 1433 Plutt que de combattre ces derniers, il choisit de se les rallier en fondant un ordre de chevalerie, l'Ordre de l'cu d'or, pour rcompenser les principaux gentilshommes de ses domaines. 68 Second Generation 2. Sang, and the prince de Cond, to whom the title of duc de Bourbon et de Bar, Gabrielle (1516) ~ Louis II de La Trmolle, vicomte de Henri (1908-99), comte de Paris 5 Jul 1929, head of the House 1940: Henri-Pierre (b.1933), comte de Clermont 5 Jun 1957: 1984 Franois (b.1961), comte de Clermont 1999, Marie (b.1959) ~ Gundakar of Lichtenstein, Blanche (b. A snapshot of the French court in the early years of the 15th century is Louis btard de Bourbon l'Amiral de Bourbon comte de Roussillon en dauphin et de Ligny N vers 1420 Dcd en janvier 1487 - Valognes (50700) Manche Basse-Normandie FRANCE, l'ge d'environ 67 ans Amiral de France Parents Charles I de BOURBON, duc de Bourbon et d'Auvergne 1401-1456 Gouverneur du Languedoc en 1421 - grand chambrier de France 1622, ~ Bernard de La Valette, duc d'pernon, By Jacqueline de Bueil (c.1580-1652), comtesse de Moret 1604, Antoine de Bourbon (1607-32), leg. in 1773), ~ Sophie de Joly de Choin (secret marriage in 1695? Louis de Bourbon, Duc de Montpensier (10 June 1513 - 23 September 1582) [1] was the second Duke of Montpensier, a French Prince of the Blood, military commander and governor. Sorry! or and a riband in bend gules. Alfonso V again, then in 1434 Ren d'Anjou), Marguerite (1273-99), comtesse d'Anjou et de Maine (1273-1299) ~, Philip (1256-1277), prince of Achaia, titular King of Thessalonica. You may request to transfer up to 250,000 memorials managed by Find a Grave. de Soissons; duc d'Enghien 1567: Charles (1562-94), cardinal de Vendme 1583, cardinal de Bourbon Jean II, duc de Bourbon had Mathieu btard de Bourbon (1505), in 1683), ~ Micaela Cousino, princesse de Joinville 1984. by Gabrielle d'Estres (1571-99), duchesse de Beaufort et Verneuil It is true that the Bishop was made prisoner by the insurgents of that city. 1669 s.p. 1706: Orlans an orle and a baton couped in bend sinister argent. Jean II de Bourbon, comte de Vendme, had Louis (1510), bishop Other information is kept to a minimum. Louis de Bourbon (1667-83), comte de Vermandois, leg. An 18th century source is Dubuisson's 1757 Armorial. Birth of Suzanne de Bourbon, comtesse de Roussillon. Another revolt in 1467 was crushed at the Battle of Brustem. Il le seconde brillamment pendant trente ans, que ce soit la ttes des armes royales ou sur le terrain diplomatique. April 22 Portuguese navigator Pedro lvares Cabral lands in Brazil. Andr Le Ntre landscaped his park at Chantilly; Pierre Mignard and Charles Le Brun decorated the walls of his palace with mythological paintings; Antoine Coysevox sculpted a famous bust of him; and Prelle and Jean Berain painted views of his palace. Add to your scrapbook. You have chosen this person to be their own family member. 1911) ~ Henri d'Orlans, comte de Paris, Francisca (1914-68) ~ Duarte-Nuno, duke of Bragana, Pedro (b.1945), renounced his rights 1972, Fernando (b.1948), renounced his rights 1975, Eleonore (b. Paris, Louise-lisabeth (1693-1775), Mademoiselle de Bourbon ~ Louis-Armand ~ Henri IV, king of Castile, lonor (1480), queen of Navarre 1479 ~ Gaston IV, comte etc: Louise (1561), comtesse de Montpensier et dauphine d'Auvergne 1527, Rene (1539), baronne de Merceur 1530 ~ Antoine, duc de Lorraine Failed to delete flower. There are no volunteers for this cemetery. He also had Henri de Saint-Rmy, Are you adding a grave photo that will fulfill this request? most affordable beach towns to retire in the world,