Open Hearts

We devote ourselves to sharing God’s grace in our daily lives by being the one that spirit asks us to be. We support each other’s becoming through practicing Jesus’ command to judge not; building a welcoming place for all. We embrace those who have been hurt in the name of Christianity and other faith traditions. Our faith community believes that how we engage with others is the fullest expression of our relationship with Christ.

We walk the heartfelt path of Jesus.

Open Minds

We value exploring and questioning. We pursue our search for meaning together. We gain wisdom from scripture, tradition, reason and experience. We know no one of us has all the truth, that each of us has a piece of wisdom, so in community we share and learn,to value each other. Though we may have differences, our call is to build a safe and respectful church that welcomes each one, for God made everyone.

We believe the Holy Spirit is within each of us.

Open Doors

Our doors are open to all people: believers and non-believers, traditional Christians, questioning skeptics and other faith traditions, young and old, all sexual orientations,all gender identities and expressions, all races and cultures and all classes and disabilities. All are welcome, all are celebrated, all are valued and all are loved. Each of us is at a different place in our spiritual life, a journey that for us holds Jesus at the center, but the truth, practices and orientation of all faiths and beliefs hold value for us.

We serve as a gateway for God’s love.